Fire Detection Servicing

Fire legislation for maintaining fire systems

One critical part of an organisation's facilities management is to ensure the correct maintenance of any automatic fire detection and alarm system fitted in the building. The British Standard( BS5839 part 1 )covering all aspects of the design, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems has recently been revised and includes changes that may affect how you approach your maintenance planning.

Practical Steps to Maintenance planning:-

•Appoint a responsible person to attend to your fire procedures. This person will ensure the system is regularly tested, inspected and serviced and all events are recorded in the logbook.

•Carry out a Risk Assessment. Every commercial organisation has a legal responsibility to carry out a fire risk assessment, even if a fire certificate has been issued. If you employ 5 persons or more, these findings must be recorded.

•Consult with all interested parties. It is important that you consult with persons including your system supplier, fire officer, building controller and insurer over any aspect of change in building use or shape to ensure you will still be compliant with the Code.

•Make sure all relevant personnel are trained in the everyday testing and use of the equipment. Don't forget, the fire detection and alarm system is your hardest working employee and could one day save a life or save your business - look after it.

•Appoint a reputable company to provide servicing in accordance with BS 5893-1: 2002. The appointment of a reputable service organisation should consider an approved third party certification under LPS1014 or the BAFE SP203 schemes. This means they will fully support your system (irrespective of manufacturer or software protocol) by providing trained engineers, spares and fault finding and repair capabilities.

  1. Under the changes to ( BS5839-1 ), on appointment, the service company now has to carry out an initial inspection of the system to ascertain its condition and report on any major areas of non-compliance with the Code.

Systeminspection will cover the following areas:-

•Number of call points

•Provision of fire detection

•Sound pressure levels

•Standby power supplies

•Fire resistance of cabling

•Fault monitoring of circuits

•Standards of electrical safety

•Incidence of false and unwanted alarms

•Changes in use, layout or construction of the protected area that may impact on the effectiveness of the system

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