Security Lighting

Feel safer in your own home or secure the boundaries of your business, security lighting is one of the best deterrents in the security industry. As well as intruder alarms, security lighting plays a large part in the deterring of crime and criminals. We can supply all major brand lights ranging from halogen right through to low wattage extremely bright gas filled bulbs ( that are completely safe ), that only need to be changed once a year ( some customers haven't need to change them for 2 years ).

Illuminate only when the criminal has picked a house and crossed its boundaries. This is too late and does not deter criminals when it matters most, namely when they are selecting a house.

Emit a harsh, intrusive and environmentally unfriendly light that is often a serious nuisance to neighbours (The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health reports increasing complaints of nuisance from this type of lighting). Lights where the PIR can be overridden to be switched on permanently can also cause nuisance.

Instantly switch on a powerful white light, resulting in a ‘flash factor’ that disturbs rather than aids human vision. When near roads, this can be positively dangerous. Equally, badly adjusted and aimed lights can cause dark shadows due to their high intensity light.

Are extremely energy inefficient

Require regular bulb replacements

Are easily interfered with unless installed at the recommended height of more than 10'

Can be so unreliable that they are quickly discredited by householders and neighbours - common sense suggests that few people will check why a light has activated, assuming they have seen it activate

Can increase the fear of crime amongst the most vulnerable by regularly activating for no apparent reason.

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