Fire Extinguishers


Water 9L                        £31.84                  Foam AFFF 6L           £33.88

Foam AFFF 9L               £34.95                  ABC Powder 2kg        £23.28            

ABC Powder 3kg            £31.22                  ABC Powder 4kg        £31.22

ABC Powder 6kg            £34.64                  ABC Powder 9kg        £38.56

Co2 Refurb 2kg              £29.59                   Co2 Refurb 5kg          £39.45

Co2 New 2kg                  £38.80                  Co2 New 5kg              £76.77

Wet Chemical 3L            £96.20                   Wet Chemical 6L       £110.25

All Prices shown are inclusive of vat. Supplier delivery charge is £12.00 for any amount ordered.

So please add this delivery charge to your order!

Selecting the right method of fire fighting equipment gives your company the best chance to contain a fire before it develops into a major incident, saving both lives and property ... and possibly even the future of your business. A1 Solutions Security & Fire  can provide the best fire-fighting equipment for your business risk.

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